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Posted on: September 3, 2008 4:23 pm

2008-09 NFL Projections - AFC East

Somehow I made it past the temptation of the little voice trying to draw me in to getting involved in Fantasy Football.  Yes it was difficult, I thought, okay, I could take a little taste, put my toes in the water and try it out.  In the end, wiser voices prevailed and I chose to abstain, at least this year anyhow.

However, there’s a lot of little voices calling for me to take a chance on certain subjects.  For awhile now I’ve been avoiding them.  Some, knowing that if I succumbed, I would need intervention to pull me from a deep hole of the firey abyss.  Others I would shrug them off and excuse them as “everyone else is doing them, so no need for me to”.  However, like a bar of rich, milk chocolate right at fingers length, I have chosen to give in to some of these whims. 

Will I regret it?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Only time will tell.  However, one thing I do know for sure is I love to be right and brag about it, and without anything to point back to I have nothing to show and go…na na na na…I told you so.  So that I have no regrets later and so that there is no need for me to sit on my hands, here are my projections for the outcome of the 08-09 NFL season.

AFC East:

#4 - Miami Dolphins I see this year as improving from last years 1-15 game season.  However, they are now officially a young team in the process of rebuilding, and though Bill Parcells will change the direction of this team, I see them spending this year at the bottom of the AFC East.  Mostly because, the Patriots are still a very good team and both the Bills and the Jets have made improvements to theirs also.

#3 - New York Jets – The addition of Brett Favre has definitely improved this team without question, at least the offense.  Question is though the offense is improved, how well has the defense improved?  I’m seeing them in a close race with the Bills for a wild card slot, though I think, in the end, we’ll see the Jets finishing 3d in the AFC East, because the Bills defense seems to be just a tad bit better.

#2 - Buffalo Bills – Yes, I see this team as wild card contender.   Trent Edwards will be comfortable now and Lee Evans is back.  The only thing that hurt the Bills defense last year was the massive amount of injuries that it took early in the season.  I see the Bills 2nd in the AFC East.

#1 - New England Patriots – There’s no doubt that this 16-0 regular season team will be the force to be reckoned within the AFC as a whole and despite the improvements to the other three teams, it’s the Patriots to lose. 

AFC Division Winner:  New England Patriots.
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