Posted on: August 7, 2008 6:21 pm
Edited on: August 7, 2008 6:22 pm

Intervention - Just When is Someone Addicted

I have a confession, I'm really addicted to blogging. Seriously, if you were to go to the information about "my blog", you'll notice that I semi-admit it. It's also more apparent that I'm in the throes of my addiction when I post more then four blogs in one week to one specific site (like this week). However, it's not about my addiction that I'm concerned about but a prominent CBS Sportsline figure.

I first had an inkling about the addiction of this person awhile back. At first it seemed harmless enough, just a few pictures that showed up in the Community front page, then it took a turn to disturbing, when, during a "conversation" on a blog/thread, a picture appeared. A very disturbing picture, one that actually gave me nightmares for many nights. I thought, "my god, the man has photo shop". Indeed, he confirmed it and then the questions began, just  WHAT did he give up?

Okay, so I kind of got a glimpse, from the outside...did he give up lunch to edit photos? Would it progress to missing phone calls and meetings at work? Can we assume that he has decided to stay after work a bit to do some simple "editting"? How far has this actually progressed...does he now stay up all night, his eyes bloodshot and his fingers twitch over the mouse and edits another picture of a *shivers and gags* football player in leather and on a leash?

Of course, those of us on Sportsline who follow him, only feed his addiction. We've become enablers, feeding off his daily "offerings" in a frenzy, trying to outdo the other and thus, becoming addicted ourselves. We've started crying out in anger and frustration when the daily photo captions are not available to show our wit. Sometimes these photos are just as disturbing as the first one, and others there just...barely dressed females.

Of course, I know that there is still hope for Shuless Joe, that he hasn't passed completely into that deep, dark cellar of dispair. I know that there is still a chance to intervene and help Joe back on his road to recovery. As long as he still cannot identify really good beefcake, he's not lost to us forever. Once that occurs though, I do think that all hope will be lost and Joe will be in that place that he will not be able to return from. So as much as I like good beefcake, I think we're better off with Joe NOT posting anymore (not like he really did to begin with) pictures of well cut males without their shirts. Joe...I promise, I will not ask for beefcake from you again.

Maybe we can get Eric Kay to post some for us females instead.

(Joe, you know we luv ya...)
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