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Posted on: August 19, 2008 4:13 am

Sense of Community, Thank You.

This may not be my most eloquent blog that I've ever written, but it is my most heartfelt.   I must warn you though, if you continue reading, it will become a little sappy.

The other day, a friend had asked me if by doing something, would he overstep his boundaries with certain individuals.  I had to chuckle, because I've overstepped my boundaries on here quite often.  I guess I do so, because it is easy to do...so blame it on the community members and CBS Sportsline staff. 

There's no denying it, I like this site.  This site has seen "more of me" then any other site that I blog or chat on (and before ya'll ask...yes, I do have a life, thank you).  The reason why is, ya'll make it easy to do so.  It's easy to get into a "conversation", it's easy to post my thoughts, it's easy to joke around and when it comes to football, ya'll feed my addiction to talk about it.  Despite all the "issues" that may be on the board, it's this group of people that I would enjoy meeting at sometime and just sitting down over coffee and chatting, yes, even gmac. 

What's even more is the atmosphere that the CBS staff has attempted to create.  Oh, I know that some have issues with them, but I love them.  From the admins to the writers to the editors.  You make it so easy to interact with you.  You're good natured when it comes to the joking.  Forgive me Gregg, I have to say this, but Gregg Doyel was really such a sweetheart when I did a good natured blog on him and Eric Kay is such a kick when you joke around with him.  Then there's Joe...what can I say about Joe?  Gotta luv ya.  Ya'll do make it very easy to interact with you.  Even if it's just to "complain".   If I knew where to send them, I'd send ya'll some cookies.

Dook had wished in a recent blog of mine, for a sense of community.  I've gotten a small glimpse of the good people on here and there are many, and for me at least, CBS and the Sportsline community has succeeded in creating that.  It's a good start, don't you think Dook?

So if ya'll are ever in my neck of the woods, let me know.  We'll have coffee...and perhaps some cookies.
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Posted on: August 7, 2008 6:21 pm
Edited on: August 7, 2008 6:22 pm

Intervention - Just When is Someone Addicted

I have a confession, I'm really addicted to blogging. Seriously, if you were to go to the information about "my blog", you'll notice that I semi-admit it. It's also more apparent that I'm in the throes of my addiction when I post more then four blogs in one week to one specific site (like this week). However, it's not about my addiction that I'm concerned about but a prominent CBS Sportsline figure.

I first had an inkling about the addiction of this person awhile back. At first it seemed harmless enough, just a few pictures that showed up in the Community front page, then it took a turn to disturbing, when, during a "conversation" on a blog/thread, a picture appeared. A very disturbing picture, one that actually gave me nightmares for many nights. I thought, "my god, the man has photo shop". Indeed, he confirmed it and then the questions began, just  WHAT did he give up?

Okay, so I kind of got a glimpse, from the outside...did he give up lunch to edit photos? Would it progress to missing phone calls and meetings at work? Can we assume that he has decided to stay after work a bit to do some simple "editting"? How far has this actually progressed...does he now stay up all night, his eyes bloodshot and his fingers twitch over the mouse and edits another picture of a *shivers and gags* football player in leather and on a leash?

Of course, those of us on Sportsline who follow him, only feed his addiction. We've become enablers, feeding off his daily "offerings" in a frenzy, trying to outdo the other and thus, becoming addicted ourselves. We've started crying out in anger and frustration when the daily photo captions are not available to show our wit. Sometimes these photos are just as disturbing as the first one, and others there just...barely dressed females.

Of course, I know that there is still hope for Shuless Joe, that he hasn't passed completely into that deep, dark cellar of dispair. I know that there is still a chance to intervene and help Joe back on his road to recovery. As long as he still cannot identify really good beefcake, he's not lost to us forever. Once that occurs though, I do think that all hope will be lost and Joe will be in that place that he will not be able to return from. So as much as I like good beefcake, I think we're better off with Joe NOT posting anymore (not like he really did to begin with) pictures of well cut males without their shirts. Joe...I promise, I will not ask for beefcake from you again.

Maybe we can get Eric Kay to post some for us females instead.

(Joe, you know we luv ya...)
Posted on: March 19, 2008 5:17 am

A Pussycat in Disguise - Gregg Doyel Exposed

As I attempt to write this blog, extolling the virtues of CBS Sportsline’s own Gregg Doyel, I find myself to be in a quandary.  The dilemma is how to do this without it becoming a written version of the infamous “leave Brittany alone” video.  So after racking my brain for a full minute, I think I may have found a way that would make Gregg proud, and still not lower me to a sniveling, crying mess.

In the time that I have spent on Sportsline, I’ve come to enjoy the writings of all the Sportsline columnists and experts, regardless of whether or not I agree with their take of the situation or event.  As much as I enjoy the writing of the experts, I’ve also enjoyed the reaction that their work invokes.  One columnist in particular, Gregg Doyel and his writing style seems to bring upon himself, a higher then normal irate responses from readers.  In fact, Mr. Doyel was the inspiration for the Sexuality series blog that I wrote a few weeks back.

If you’ve read Doyel’s columns and blogs, you have to admit, you either love him or hate him, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.  I will admit that he has fascinated me for some time now, wondering why he deliberately tries to bait such reactions.  I’ve since come to find out that like 10,000 year old duck eggs, monkey brains and kimchee, Gregg Doyel is an acquired taste.  To understand what I mean by this, let me use the kimchee analogy to elaborate. 

If you’re not aware of what kimchee is, it’s a side staple in the Korean diet.  The proper way to make kimchee is to take cabbage and spices, along with some anchovy paste and place it in a crock, then bury it in the ground for about 7 years.  This is about how long it takes to properly ferment.  For those not accustomed to eating kimchee, the first thing that hits you is the stench from it.  Okay, not exactly stench, but it does smell, and not in a good way.  Often time people find it difficult to get past the smell to even attempt to eat it.  Most who’ve been able to get past the scent and have tried it, have come to like and savor the taste of the rotten cabbage.

Often times, many readers have the same reaction to Doyel’s writings.  It’s once they’ve gotten past their original negative reaction to what he says, they’re able to read him with an open mind.  Now grant it, he is coarse, sarcastic and often times, demeaning to the subject he writes about, and in some of his responses to his reader’s mail. 

In an attempt to understand Mr. Doyel, I consulted someone who understands psychology a little more then myself.  I had my daughter, who is a freshman pre-med major in college, and had taken Psych 101 in her senior year of high school, read some of Gregg’s columns and blogs and give me her impression of him.  What she deduced is something that I had already suspected. 

I believe that Doyel is a very complex individual, with many sides to him.  Although it is possible that some of this is due to a multiple personality disorder or a slight touch of schizophrenia (though highly unlikely), it is more likely that a lot of what we see on Sportsline is either a defense mechanism or an attempt to fill a masochistic need for abuse.   This cancelled out my original thought that it was the accidental inhalation of Drano that he once referred to in a blog response to me that had shaped his personality. 

If we look at what he does as a defense mechanism, then we must compare him to the six year old boy who pulls the girl’s pigtails (hard) in an attempt to get her attention.  He may seem cruel and his methods hurtful, but this his way of telling her he likes her.  If we look at his drawing abuse as a way to fulfill a masochistic need, then we must agree…whatever floats his boat.

All psychology aside, I like to equate Doyel with the main characters in Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men (the sequel).  Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon play two crotchety old farts who seem to hate the world.  As the movie plays on, you come to realize that this is a front, for both of these men are not actually what they seem to be.  Both have a softer side of them, which either out of stubbornness or fear, they do not display to the world.  I believe that Gregg, has a softer side, even though we rarely see it (I suspect his family sees it quite often though).

Consider Doyel to be like an intricate doily, many stitches and designs to make up the whole dust catcher, or better yet, an over riped onion with many tough layers to peel away.  With patience, you would agree with me, that despite that saber tooth tiger exterior, he’s really just a pussy cat.

Disclaimer:  It was a challenge I couldn’t resist. Included is references to household products, doilies and multiple Gregg Doyels.  Hopefully this blog will be taken in the spirit of fun and jest, and not as an attempt to demean or diminish Mr. Doyel, nor was it meant to bring about the scorn of CBS personnel and/or posters of CBS Sportsline.  (In other words, please don’t stone me).

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Posted on: January 24, 2008 6:24 am

Entering the Inner Sanctum-Come on I can take it

It hasn't really been that long, a decade, two, maybe three, when female journalists, in an attempt to futher their opportunites, made the push into sports journalism.  Once limited to society pages and fluff pieces, women in this career field sought the same opportunities and recognition that their male counterparts were afforded.  With this came two questions.  1) Would women know enough about the sport to be able to report on it and 2) How to handle the after the game interviews, when most male reporters were in the locker rooms, gathering quotes and information to compose their stories?  Would they be content to stand outside the lockerroom, once the players emerged or should they be able to enter into that chamber of male domain to get the story they sought?

I'm not a journalist nor can I find any recorded fact on this, but it was rumored that there was a first time, when a woman reporter walked into the locker room, found herself in the middle of a testosterone pumped group of men in various stages of disrobe and found herself uncomfortable with her surroundings.  It was also rumored that some of the burly he-men had found themselves a little shy, when she entered the lockerroom.  There were rumors that since then, players were to remain dressed until the press coverage was over.  Perhaps, this is just an urban legend.  But it does lead one to ponder.  If, we as women, want to enter the male domain, especially an area where brute strength, muscles, adrenaline and testosterone is it's very essence, should we expect them to change just to accomodate us.

No, this is not about a rant on women's right, nor am I using this as a soapbox for feminism.  Yes, it may come as a shock that I'm a feminist but perhaps my thought process is different from others.  Personally, if I look to enter the inner sanctum of male bonding, I don't expect those who reside in that domain to change just for me.  Nor do I expect different treatment just because of my gender, but I also do not expect to be personally attacked because of my gender.

The other day, I was watching a thread on the NFL board that was like a bad trainwreck.  It was fascinating.  Yes, it could be determined that it was demeaning to women, very demeaning to women.  As I watched and posted to it, I saw the different twists and turns it took.  I guess I should have been insulted, but I wasn't (and I'll explain why in a moment).  After one comment I made, someone came back to me in a private message and apologized, saying he didn't think that women would be reading the thread and he meant no disrespect, it was all in fun.

I often view these sportsboards as the inside of a lockerroom.  An opportunity for male bonding, a competition of one-upsmenship, who can write their name the furthest in the snow, and the overall conversation on topics that they enjoy.  It's this world that I invaded, where many women don't venture, or if they do, sometimes lurk in the shadows, just reading, being quiet, not making their gender known.  It's into their world that I stepped into, knowing what I was getting myself into.  Since I was the one who invaded, why should I ask them to change just to accomodate me?

I guess I've been lucky in the respect that I haven't been "verbally" assaulted or "stalked" on a constant basis, as some of the women have been.  Perhaps, it's because, for the most part, I ignore it, when those attempts are made.  I'm not sure and really I don't care.  Yet it can be difficult for women on this board, because there are those who will seek them out and harrass them just because they are women.  It has, in the past driven knowledgeable women away from the site. 

There's very little that effects me.  How can I be appauled by the visions of scantily dressed women, when on the sidelines every sunday there are scantily dressed women cheering on the crowd?  How can I be appauled in threads that demean women when I've participated in forums where there was at least a little male bashing going on?  I guess I should, but in an arena where they're also bashing each other and not just women, all I can do is shrug my shoulders and be thankful that I'm neither their wife, girlfriend or mother.  What does effect me are blatantly vicious and personal attacks on others.  I can take it when they're directed at me but at others it becomes intolerable for me.

Yet despite all this, there is the vast majority of the male population on this board who seek not to offend and when they sense it is needed, steps into the protector roles.  There's a genuine desire to hear the opinion of female fans, in every sport.  But to be able to do this, we must take the bad with the good and use the TITO principle (trash in, trash out) and not allow those who wish to drive us off this site, regardless of our gender, to win.  Those of us ladies who have survived on this site and just shrugged it off and not allowed it to upset us and moved on.

Eric Kay commented about my first blog entry that he was fascinated about a woman blogging on the site, in one of his Raw Sewage blogs.  Of course, as I do with others who reference my gender, I just had to tease him a bit.  However, it did lead to my answering a question I had.  Why do I stay here?  Because so many have come to accept me and have allowed me to use this forum.  So many have allowed me to make a fool of myself and let me enjoy it. 

I guess the reason for this blog is two fold..1) Don't change and don't feel uncomfortable around me, I can take it and 2) to survive on here, we all need a thick skin and the ability to overlook the idiots that have nothing better to do in life then to try to make the time we spend on here (male and female) intolerable. 


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