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Posted on: September 5, 2012 8:38 pm

A Heartfelt Thank You to CBS Sports and Users

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away the powers behind the curtain of CBSSports.com decided to implement the user blogs as another feature for the sports boards.  Being active on the NFL forums at the time of the user blogs inception, of course, I took off and ran with it, giving the following warning:

One day they'll learn, never give me a forum to post my thoughts to. Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

From that day I had fun posting antedotes, recipes, jokes and discussing the NFL.  If anyone has read me, they would find that no subject was taboo with me and it was all in fun.  The users who took the time to read my blogs have been gracious, and the staff that let me run with it for as long as I wanted.  And when I called out writers like Gregg Doyel and Will Brinson, they were wonderful in their responses (whether I agreed with them or not).  Some of my blogs had been featured and the one blog that I'm proudest of, a short little blurb about the Steelers acquiring Najeh Davenport when their running backs were dropping like flies, manage to scoop even the writers here on the board (I'll also note that at the time neither NFL.com nor ESPN had posted the story either). 

Then I took a hiatus.  And when I returned there were changes, which is inevitable. And in those changes I learned that the user blogs would soon be going away.  Hearing this made me a little sad, kind of like returning home and finding they're going to demolish your teenage hangout and replace it with an elegant, five star hotel.  And for a moment, the tears welled up.  Silly, I know, but bear with me and you'll understand why in a moment. 

Not long before my hiatus I had jokingly put on my blog about writing a book about a psychotic former NFL punter who was kicked off the team and became a pastry chef.  The title was going to be called "Death by Chocolate on the 50-yard Line".  From there the wheels started turning. 

While I might have mentioned that I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger (that or a child psychologist), it has always been a dream of mine to write.  And that's what I had been doing during my time off of the sports boards.  Since then, I've published a poetry compilation and a novel, a story of mine will be included in a crime anthology that will be coming out in the fall/winter and that a small press publisher is interested in reading the completed manuscript after submitting the obligatory query letter and three chapters.  Another poetry compilation is set to be released at the beginning of December.  And while Death by Chocolate on the 50-yard line has yet to be completed, I know that it will one day.

While I always had the dream, it was blogging here that gave me the courage to put myself out there, to risk the rejection.  The acceptance of my blogs by staff like "Shuless Joe" and Eric Kay and their willingness to promote them, as well as the warmth from those who read me and responded and even a few who encouraged me to take that next step (they know who they are)...allowed me to use CBSSports as a springboard in achieving a life long dream that I thought would never happen. 

I've always believed that it's important to say thank you and give credit where it's due. And I wanted to say this before the blogs disappear and this becomes just a memory.  To CBS Sports and the wonderful users that have come and gone, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  You have inspired me and for that, I will be eternally grateful. 

From the kindness of strangers, a seed of hope and inspiration is planted....me.
Posted on: October 30, 2008 11:35 am

Burning Questions Going into Monday

After having participated in the “game of the year”, where it seemed that the majority of eyes were following the outcome of the Giants/Steelers game, the Steelers will once again be center stage, along with the Washington Redskins, for this weeks Monday Night Football.

Like many Steelers fans, we’ve been following the health and distractions of the team, going into each game this season.  No doubt we’ve discussed the oline situation, the injuries, fines and, of course, the long snapper (well, at least I have).  Though I’m itching to sit and analyze the upcoming game, I have to step back and have some questions answered, or at least some insight to some things before I can do so in a perfectly unbiased way.  So here are some burning questions that I have going into this game on Monday night:

  •  Will we see Willie Parker playing in this game?  Although Parker has been practicing this week, reports are that his status for game day is still questionable.  No doubt, Mewelde Moore has been more then a capable substitute during his absence, but the return of Parker gives the Steelers rushing offense a major one/two punch should both Parker and Moore play. 
  •  Will Clinton Portis reach the 1,000 yd mark in this game?  Portis only needs 56 yds to reach 1,000 yards for the season rushing.  Steelers defense has been extremely stingy with giving up yards on the ground, only allowing 501 yds in a total of seven games.  That’s a little over 71 yds per game.  Of course, this is a bit deceiving since the Steelers defense kept Brandon Jacobs to 36 yds last week.
  •  Will the Redskins defense come out in this game with a strong pass rush?  There’s no doubt that the Redskins have some type of a pass rush defense, having registered 16 sacks, however, is it as strong and stifling as the Eagles and Giants defense?  Maybe not.  However, if Pittsburgh’s oline takes the pass rush from the Skins for granted, it’s possible that Ben Roethlisberger could find himself on the ground a lot.  I doubt we’ll see that this game, however, the threat with the Skin’s defense is the corners and their abilities to zone in on the ball for interceptions. 
  • Given the injuries to the Steelers defense and having both Bryant McFadden out and then Ryan Clark go out last week with a dislocated shoulder, one might start wondering how strong the secondary is going to be.  Jason Campbell has yet to throw an interception.  Also questionable is Troy Polamalu.  Reason I say he’s questionable is one would have to wonder if he came back too soon from his concussion in last weeks game, given the uncharacteristically high number of tackles he seemed to have missed last week.  No doubt that he’ll play this week, will he be up to speed. 
  •  Given the number of distractions that the Steelers faced within the last week, week and a half, will there be others? 
  •  Speaking of distractions, do the Redskins really use sex to try to distract the opposing teams players?  I’ve heard rumors that they have the cheerleaders warming up and stretching in the opposing teams tunnel?  I guess the Redskins Rule is actually a pretty good rule though.  Okay, so the NFL put a stop to having cheerleaders provide a distraction pre-game and perhaps it’s good.  Think about it, which would be more detrimental to a team…watching the cheerleaders stretch or having the image of Steely McBeam burned into your mind as he stretched and warmed up in the opposing teams tunnel? 
  •  I’m sure that everyone knows by now that I believe Jim Zorn to be the best looking coach in the NFL.  Question is now, on Monday, will he go the way of Mike Nolan and Jack Del Rio and wear a suit for the game?  If so, I might need a towel, (other then the terrible towel of course), to wipe the drool from my chin.
  • One final burning question here.  Will SPIN columnist and CBS Sportsline writer Eric Kay actually join the ranks of the “hogettes” sometime in the near future?  I haven’t seen his legs, but suspect that he has a closet passion for the Redskins that would make him prime recruiting target for this ultimate of Redskins fans.  Actually, it’s pretty cool about the “hogettes” who seem to be the “shriners” of the Skins, making appearances at hospitals and charity events, along with attending the games.  Interestingly, two of the original “hogettes” are in the Pro Football HOF as the ultimate fans.


Posted on: August 7, 2008 6:21 pm
Edited on: August 7, 2008 6:22 pm

Intervention - Just When is Someone Addicted

I have a confession, I'm really addicted to blogging. Seriously, if you were to go to the information about "my blog", you'll notice that I semi-admit it. It's also more apparent that I'm in the throes of my addiction when I post more then four blogs in one week to one specific site (like this week). However, it's not about my addiction that I'm concerned about but a prominent CBS Sportsline figure.

I first had an inkling about the addiction of this person awhile back. At first it seemed harmless enough, just a few pictures that showed up in the Community front page, then it took a turn to disturbing, when, during a "conversation" on a blog/thread, a picture appeared. A very disturbing picture, one that actually gave me nightmares for many nights. I thought, "my god, the man has photo shop". Indeed, he confirmed it and then the questions began, just  WHAT did he give up?

Okay, so I kind of got a glimpse, from the outside...did he give up lunch to edit photos? Would it progress to missing phone calls and meetings at work? Can we assume that he has decided to stay after work a bit to do some simple "editting"? How far has this actually progressed...does he now stay up all night, his eyes bloodshot and his fingers twitch over the mouse and edits another picture of a *shivers and gags* football player in leather and on a leash?

Of course, those of us on Sportsline who follow him, only feed his addiction. We've become enablers, feeding off his daily "offerings" in a frenzy, trying to outdo the other and thus, becoming addicted ourselves. We've started crying out in anger and frustration when the daily photo captions are not available to show our wit. Sometimes these photos are just as disturbing as the first one, and others there just...barely dressed females.

Of course, I know that there is still hope for Shuless Joe, that he hasn't passed completely into that deep, dark cellar of dispair. I know that there is still a chance to intervene and help Joe back on his road to recovery. As long as he still cannot identify really good beefcake, he's not lost to us forever. Once that occurs though, I do think that all hope will be lost and Joe will be in that place that he will not be able to return from. So as much as I like good beefcake, I think we're better off with Joe NOT posting anymore (not like he really did to begin with) pictures of well cut males without their shirts. Joe...I promise, I will not ask for beefcake from you again.

Maybe we can get Eric Kay to post some for us females instead.

(Joe, you know we luv ya...)
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