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Posted on: October 6, 2008 5:09 am
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Steelers Collar the Jaguars

They said they were screwed.  That when they lost Rashard Mendenhall and Carey Davis during the Baltimore Ravens game in week four, that they lost their running game and the Steelers were going to struggle.  The demise of the Pittsburgh Steelers was overly exaggerated. 

Somehow this season, games have been classic.  The Browns, the Ravens game, classic Steelers rival games.  Steelers were going into Jacksonville and face the Jaguars.  The team that seemed to hold their number, the team they lost twice to in 07, once in the playoffs. 

The Steelers went in banged up against a defense whose pass coverage was suspect.  Would there be a running game for the Steelers, given that Willie Parker was out, given they lost their backups.  There were questions about Najeh Davenport and Gary Russell.  We said don’t worry.  Homer faith?  Perhaps.  However, Mewelde Moore did better in receiving against a run stingy Ravens defense. 

So it started, already the Jags were up by a touchdown due to an interception to Rashean Mathis.  If Ben had a nemesis, it would be Mathis.  However, the Steelers answered back.   It would end up being a game that would keep people on the edge of their seats, till the final seconds. 

Steelers defense did what we expected a Steelers defense to do, played great, especially in preventing an accurate David Garrard from getting down the field to get a touchdown, in the last minute of the game, protecting their lead.  Lamar Woodley would end up being the defensive stud this game with six tackles and 2 solo sacks.  Aaron Smith would have the spotlight in the last seconds, batting down a Garrard pass that ended the game. 

On the oline, is it too early to think that replacing Kendall Simmons with Stapleton may have been an answer to the weak right side?  Of course there was help with Ben Roethlisberger being able to roll out of the box and extend plays with his feet.  Yeah he was sacked three times, (the Jags found their pass rush) and at one point, for a moment, we thought he’d end up out of the game, however, he came out played without a hitch.  Arians had him play to what worked for him in the past.  Think the OC is finally learning? 

In the end, Ben would throw for 309 yards and three touchdowns,  and Moore would run for 99 yds.  The Steelers would not only answer how they would get passed a team that in the past few years had their number, but also how well they would do without Parker and Mendenhall – just fine. 
Posted on: September 3, 2008 5:48 pm

2008-09 NFL Projections - AFC South - No Surprise

Okay, so this can be addictive.  I can understand why Judge Clark and Pete Prisco do this, despite all the garbage they get from the readers.  But, in truth, it's fun.  Of course, I think I can get away with it because I don't get paid. 

So I've projected the New England Patriots to be the division leader of the AFC East.  I know, a no-brainer there right?  So as I go through the AFC South, I know, I'll have another no-brainer in chosing the Indianapolis Colts as the AFC South's division leader.

Well onto my projection for the AFC South.

#4 - Houston Texans - Although I see them progressing to having a winning season (though they're first lost will come in their season opener), I still see the Texans sitting at last place in the AFC South.  Only because this is one tough division and the Tennessee Titans will have just a tad better season. 

#3 - Tennessee Titans - Vince Young has yet to convince me with his accuracy.  Having been playing for a few years, teams are going to be able to stop a running quarterback and his aerial attack is questionable.  Sorry, before I see the Titans advancing up in the division, Young is going to have to convince me he can throw the ball better.

#2 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Jags are going to be neck and neck with the Colts, and seriously, I see the division going based on a tie breaker, which the Colts will hold.  Garrard shows he will be as consistent as he was last year and has some young weapons to throw to and the beefing up of their defense makes this call a difficult one.  I do see the Jaguars once again holding a wild card slot.

#1 - Indianapolis Colts - No, I didn't say this because my husband is a Colts fan.  Trust me, in this household during football season, gloves are off and the fun begins.  I see the Colts taking the division with a tie breaker against the Jaguars.  Despite Peyton Mannings injury and lack of practice time, it's not going to take anytime for him to get back into the swing.  Even with Jeff Saturday being down for the first few weeks of the season, Manning has the capability of the quick release to make up for the missing center.  Given a healthy Wide Receiver corp and the duo of Joseph Addai and Dominick Rhodes, the offense will be fine.  Colts have also  a beefed up defense and a healthy Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney and Marlin Jackson

AFC South Division Champions - Indianapolis Colts
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