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Posted on: September 5, 2008 6:45 am

2008-09 NFL Projections - NFC (and year) Recap

Well, here it is, I’ve laid it all out for ridicule.  Only time alone will tell.  So with my NFC division leaders picked, what I see the outcome for the NFC will be.

NFC East Division Champions – Dallas Cowboys
NFC North Division Champions – Minnesota Vikings
NFC South Division Champions – Carolina Panthers
NFC West Division Champions – Seattle Seahawks

The Packers, Buccaneers and Saints all have the ability to take a wildcard slot, however, my wildcard slots go to:

The Green Bay Packers
The Arizona Cardinals.

In the end, I see the Dallas Cowboys finally advancing to the Superbowl this year.  Care to guess who I see as their opponent?

I do want to note.  When the Pittsburgh Steelers went 15-1 and were heading to the AFC Championships, I had my doubts that they would make it.  I had hope, but in the end, was proven right. At the end of that year I commented on this very board that I had the feeling that the next year that the Steelers would win.  It was just a feeling, a very strong feeling. 

I had for a long time had a feeling that the next time the Cowboys and Steelers met up in the Superbowl, that the outcome would be different then the last match up.  He who shall not be named and really should have been tested for color blindness, is no longer leading the Steelers offense.  Both teams are ripe to go all the way.  So, the end of this year, I see the Steelers and Cowboys in the Superbowl…with the sixth ring going to

The Pittsburgh Steelers. 
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Posted on: September 3, 2008 8:18 pm

2008-09 NFL Projections - AFC Recap

So now I've given my projections for the AFC.  Much of it probably mimics the experts on my picks and are no brainers, however the reasons for my picks are completely my own.  No, I'm not drinking wine tonight either.

So to recap my past four blogs on the various AFC division champions:

AFC East - New England Patriots
AFC South - Indianapolis Colts
AFC West - San Diego Chargers
AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers

Now given that I saw three to four teams in actual contention for the Wild Card:  Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns

So I see the Jaguars and the Bills taking those wc slots.

Now for me to try to determine how the seeding will be, I will honestly say that I don't have a clue, nor have given it much thought.  I see the AFC Championship being between the San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers....care to guess who I see going on to the Superbowl?

Coming Friday, NFC Projections
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Posted on: September 3, 2008 8:08 pm

2008-09 NFL Projections-AFC North - I'm a Homer

If you walked into my cubicle the first thing that you would see would be the Terrible Towel and a Steelers Pennant hanging from the wall.  There are a few things on my desk that denote I'm a Steelers fan also, a Steelers coffee mug, my Steelers pen and then my computer has my Steelers background on it. 

So as I finish up the AFC predictions, this one may seem like a homer pick and I know that there may be alot of gnashing of the teeth on this, calling me bias, perhaps names worse.  So yes, I do have the Steelers projected to win the AFC North.  In the end, I see the AFC North pretty much as last year, however, no tie breaker needed between the Steelers and the Browns.

AFC North.

#4) Baltimore Ravens - Joe Flacco is the starter.  A rookie quarterback in a division that promises to sport the leagues top defense again, and the Ravens will have to meet them twice.  If the Ravens were only a quarterback away from being very good again, then they wouldn't have been 5-11 last year.  No doubt that the addition of Flacco to the team was a major plus, but right now a rookie learning a new team under a new coach.  Baltimore's defense, still very good but have to wonder about their ability to stay healthy.  Don't see this defense taking the Ravens to the superbowl this year.

#3) Cincinnati Bengals - Okay so they have their troubles on defense, but they still have an offense.  Now if only they could sync up.  Carson Palmers too good of a quarterback to not have a good offense. 

#2) Cleveland Browns - Up and coming team, the glamour pick for this years AFC North division winner.  This year they have a schedule almost as difficult as the Pittsburgh Steelers, plus they haven't gotten past the Steelers since 2003.  Derek Anderson has proven to be a good quarterback for the Browns and they did make some good acquisitions on defense.  Question is are they good enough.  Now the Browns will be heading into their first game of the year a little banged up.  Browns will once again barely miss a wild card to the Buffalo Bills this year. 

#1) Pittsburgh Steelers - For the Browns to take the division, they'll have to somehow beat the Steelers.  The major thorn in the Steelers side last year when playing the Browns was Joshua Cribbs, not Derek Anderson.  Steelers return with promises of having a top rated defense again.  Despite the issue with the oline last year, Ben Roethlisberger was within the top 3 to top 5 quarterbacks in the league last year, breaking Terry Bradshaws record.  The offense lost very little (please don't talk to me about Alan Faneca, he was part of the porous oline last year), but gain what may be quite a bit in the wide receiver and rushing fields.  On defense, Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark and Aaron Smith will be back and healthy.  Hopefully Dick LeBeau will gag Anthony Smith and help settle the young man down. 

AFC North Division Champions - Pittsburgh Steelers
Posted on: September 3, 2008 6:50 pm

2008-09 NFL Predictions - AFC West

So I'm making my way across the AFC.  Right now I have the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts the champions of their respective divisions.  Pretty safe and no brain picks, right?  Okay I'll agree.  For the most part, I think we look at the previous year and try to determine the current year. 

So while I have chili thawing for dinner I figured I'll pick a few more no brainers for the AFC West.  (Bet you thought I'd be chomping at the bits to put the AFC North in there).  No real changes to the AFC West except a switch in positions for the Chiefs and the Raiders.

AFC West:

#4) Kansas City Chiefs - With an aging running back in Larry Johnson and with me not being sold on either Brodie Croyle or Damon Huard under center, I'm seeing the Chiefs struggling for an identy this year (much like the renaming of Arrowhead).  Though the Chiefs did pick up some good talent in the draft, I'm seeing at least a year for them to gel and settle down enough to make the Chiefs a contender in this division again.

#3) Oakland Raiders - After all these years in the cellar, I see the Raiders advancing up one slot and finishing the division at #3.  JaMarcus Russell will have settle down a bit, picking up Darren McFadden to open up the running game, the offense has improved. 

#2) Denver Broncos - This team will be finishing better the .500, Jay Cutler has shown he can handle the pressure. Their schedule include Miami and Atlanta and Shanahan has been known to set up defensive plays that will exploit young offenses.  One thing they don't have to worry about, Devon Hester and not being afraid to kick to him this year.

#1) San Diego Chargers - Barring no injuries, this team should make it to the AFC Championship.  Phillip Rivers found his rhythym last year and looks to carry it through this year.  With Nick Hardwick back as center, should help with opening the running game.  Look for Jacob Hester to make an impact on the rush.

AFC West Division Champions - San Diego Chargers
Posted on: September 3, 2008 5:48 pm

2008-09 NFL Projections - AFC South - No Surprise

Okay, so this can be addictive.  I can understand why Judge Clark and Pete Prisco do this, despite all the garbage they get from the readers.  But, in truth, it's fun.  Of course, I think I can get away with it because I don't get paid. 

So I've projected the New England Patriots to be the division leader of the AFC East.  I know, a no-brainer there right?  So as I go through the AFC South, I know, I'll have another no-brainer in chosing the Indianapolis Colts as the AFC South's division leader.

Well onto my projection for the AFC South.

#4 - Houston Texans - Although I see them progressing to having a winning season (though they're first lost will come in their season opener), I still see the Texans sitting at last place in the AFC South.  Only because this is one tough division and the Tennessee Titans will have just a tad better season. 

#3 - Tennessee Titans - Vince Young has yet to convince me with his accuracy.  Having been playing for a few years, teams are going to be able to stop a running quarterback and his aerial attack is questionable.  Sorry, before I see the Titans advancing up in the division, Young is going to have to convince me he can throw the ball better.

#2 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Jags are going to be neck and neck with the Colts, and seriously, I see the division going based on a tie breaker, which the Colts will hold.  Garrard shows he will be as consistent as he was last year and has some young weapons to throw to and the beefing up of their defense makes this call a difficult one.  I do see the Jaguars once again holding a wild card slot.

#1 - Indianapolis Colts - No, I didn't say this because my husband is a Colts fan.  Trust me, in this household during football season, gloves are off and the fun begins.  I see the Colts taking the division with a tie breaker against the Jaguars.  Despite Peyton Mannings injury and lack of practice time, it's not going to take anytime for him to get back into the swing.  Even with Jeff Saturday being down for the first few weeks of the season, Manning has the capability of the quick release to make up for the missing center.  Given a healthy Wide Receiver corp and the duo of Joseph Addai and Dominick Rhodes, the offense will be fine.  Colts have also  a beefed up defense and a healthy Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney and Marlin Jackson

AFC South Division Champions - Indianapolis Colts
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