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Posted on: May 14, 2008 4:14 am

Patience, Perseverance and Dreams Come True

My husband has this dream of winning the Powerball, buying a yacht and living on the Med.  That way it would be easy to travel the world, pickup and move, and give him access to authentic Turkish foods on a daily basis.  I’m all for this dream, after all, if we were able to afford to own a yacht and live like this, then think of how much shopping I would be able to do.  We understand that the potential for this dream to go unfulfilled is great, especially since we keep forgetting to pickup Powerball tickets.

His other dream, the one where he has a harem will probably go unfulfilled also.  One, because he knows his limitations and two, because I’m less supportive of this one, unless of course I get to have my bevy of cabana boys. 

I have a dream myself, a little less ambitious then his, but probably will be as unrealized, at least in full, as his also.  Mine involves a business.  I see myself having this quaint little plaza where there are a few shops (all of which we own and operate). 

In the center is a little café that serves freshly baked muffins, scones and danishes, as well as deli items.  But the real draw would be the exotic and gourmet coffees and teas.  The layout wouldn’t be a normal café seating but wicker chairs and couches with coffee and end tables for seating.  It would open out onto a shaded courtyard surrounded by wisteria and gardenia plants and would have more seating, this time with wrought iron furniture.

Off to one side of the café would be an art gallery where local artists could show and sell their paintings and sculptures.  Off to the other, another store which would specialize in the goods of local crafters.  Off to the back of the courtyard, a flower shop and greenhouse, which would sell, not only unique floral arrangements but also have exotic orchids and tropical flowers, as well as the standards.

There are reasons that this dream will remain unfulfilled, at least for now.  Capital, the economy, Starbucks will never go under so that will cut into my customer base and I’m not in the right locale.  For this to work and be profitable it needs to be in a town that is high in tourism.  This city just isn’t known for it’s tourism.  Oh, yeah, and the homegrown flowers, well, my thumb isn’t exactly green right now.  At least I can try to build on the little cottage business I do have now and perhaps one day, I can see at least a portion of that dream fulfilled.  So I start putting in more energy to revitalize what I do have now. (Does this answer the question where I’ve been the last week?).

A few weeks ago, we got to see hundreds of young men get the opportunity to at least have a chance to experience their dreams of playing in the NFL.  For the top draft picks, we know that their dreams will be realized sooner then later.  For the other ones who heard their name called late in the draft, patience and perseverance could get them a starting job one day.  For those who didn’t hear their name called at Radio City Music Hall, well, that dreams not dead for them yet, since most were picked up via undrafted free agency.

This past week, teams have begun having their mini-camps, getting the rookies acclimated to life as a professional football player.  And as we watch and chatter about how effective Darren McFadden will be for the Raiders, how Matt Ryan will do under center for the Atlanta Falcons, or how deadly the Steelers running game has become with the addition of Rashard Mendenhall, we don’t tend to notice those later round picks or even the ones who came in undrafted.  But they have their opportunities too.

Could Dominick Dixon come out to be like Tom Brady, a late round pick QB who matured into an excellent quarterback.  We’ve seen Hines Ward and Joey Porter, both second day picks, become leaders of their respective squads.  Remember how Ward was too small to play in the NFL? 

Then you have the hidden gems.  Which ones will take our breath away?  They’re there.  I remember watching the last game of the 05-06 season, Steelers vs the Buffalo Bills.  A no name kid on the backup squad, broke free and ran fast towards the endzone.  We asked “Willie who?”.  The undrafted free agent from North Carolina, who rode the bench through college would end up leading the league in rushing until his injury, during the 07-08 NFL season. 

Now mini-camps will turn to training camps to turn to pre-season to turn to regular season football.  Many will see their dreams come true, many will only have a portion of that dream realized.  Unfortunately, there are still others who have had those dreams unrealized.  For them, hopefully other dreams will take their place and be realized.

For me, I’ll continue to work on that small portion of my dream with patience and perseverance, and maybe even help my husband at least have a little portion of his dream fulfilled (time to google belly dancing costumes).   

Posted on: March 5, 2008 8:29 pm

My Favorite Yoga Positions...

otherwise titled ... Stressed out? You're not alone

In a CBS 60 Minute interview with Steve Kroft, with Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, that originally aired November 6th, 2005 and was updated for December 23, 2007, Brady admitted he hated to lose and took it out on backgammon boards. 

One of your teammates said, "If you walk into a room, and you see backgammon chips scattered all over the floor and the table overturned, they know that you've been there, and probably lost," Kroft tells Brady.

"Yeah. Probably. I'm a pretty good winner. I'm a terrible loser. And I rub it in pretty good when I win. But as soon as I lose, those backgammon sets, I broke more backgammon sets," Brady says. "I've dropped elbows on 'em. I don't know. It's like I wish I had a punching bag nearby sometimes."

Needless to say, when Tom Brady loses, he tends to get a bit stressed out.  I'm pretty sure that's not the only time Brady experiences stress.  In fact, we all experience stress at one time or another.  Some of it good and productive, others bad and destructive.  According to the American Institute of Stress, there's no one agreed upon definition of stress, due to the subjectiveness of what an individual would consider stress.  What may be stressful for one person, may be pleasant for another.  However, the Mayo Clinic, refers to stress as the bodies response to a perceived physical or psychological threats. 

Although short term stress, may be beneficial and allow us to be productive, long term stress can be harmful and potentially deadly.  Often termed as bad stress, we could see the effects of it in our immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and nervous system, as well as others.  Long term stress can lead to "obesity, insomnia, digestive problems, heart disease, depression, memory impairment, physical illnesses and other complications" (1) to include heart attack, stroke and possible cancer (2).

Not everyone experiences or responds to stress in the same way.  Nor are the levels of "stress" the same.  Where some may experience short term, others may experience longer, more chronic stress.  Symptoms of stress may include but are not limited to (3):

  •  Frequent headaches, jaw clenching or pain
  • Neck ache, backpain, muscle spasms
  • Frequent colds, infections, herpes sores
  • Increase anger, frustration,  hostility
  • Depression, frequent or wild mood swings
  • Insomnia, nightmares,  disturbing dreams
  • Constant tiredness, weakness, fatigue

As stated before, short term stress can be healthy and productive.  However, long term stress should not be ignored, and additional help may be necessary to help manage the stress and counteract it's negative effects on the body.  Sometimes counseling or learning stress management techniques to reduce stress are effective in helping to balance and offset the body's reaction to stress.  Stress reducers like aerobic exercise, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, and even laughter can alleviate alot of stress that builds up (4).

I know first hand how stress can disrupt a life.  Given that I'm a competitive, career driven person who tends to take on too much at work.  Add the every day factors of paying bills, managing a budget, raising a child. Now compound on that the fact that I'm providing emotional support for a spouse who's receiving counseling for chronic depression and that adds a whole new set of stress factors on me, I'm surprised that my blood pressure is within normal ranges, that I haven't had a heart attack or a stroke as of yet. 

I've had to learn over the past years, months and weeks how to manage my stress.  To identify breaking points and incorporating methods to help reduce the build up.  Some of the things that I've found that have helped me reduce the stress are my daily Tae Bo workouts, meditation and yoga combined, candles, keeping a journal and lots of laughter.  Often times I use what I call diversion therapy (moving focus from the negative and focusing on something positive)  when it seems more then I can handle (aka escapism).  Some of the diversions that I use is blogging, gardening or craftwork.  Also a nice relaxing bath and lovemaking helps reduce the level of stress also.  Oh and there's always chocolate.

If you're finding that you're under, what seems an increasing amount of stress and seem to be catching colds more often then night, you may want to examine the amount of stress in your life and think about ways that you can offset or reduce it.  For your sake, the sake of your health and the sake and sanity of your family.




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